Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stereotype THIS!

Guys, I have to say this last month of blogging fashion has been fun. It's cool that I finally hit the double digits and have found new blogs that I love and enjoy. So, thank you very much. 

However, as September is drawing nearer, I am happy to say that going back to music will be nice. I'm definitely not going to completely stop fashion posts, but don't expect a fashion post every week. Maybe I can get my sis to videotape me singing
 on the piano or something for the first music post of the school year. 

Anyways, as a fashion post finale of sorts , I decided to do the idea of stereotypes represented in clothing. 


shirt: Forever 21 (it has Schubert!!)
vest: Macy's
tights: American Apparel
oxfords: Macy's
fedora: friend bought for halloween costume (we were spy vs. spy)


vest, shirt, shoes, skirt: Macy's
tights: AA
bag: godmother gave me for a present

THE ARIA TYPE (girl from Pretty Little Liars books)

shirt (underneath): PacSun (for free!)
shirt (on top): Steve And Barry's (Dear line)
skirt: Forever 21
leggings: Macy's
boots: Spain (very worldly)
bag: Italy (also worldly!!) 


shirt: Coldplay concert
jeans: PacSun
Keds: Macy's (3 bucks!)
belt: gift from cousins
Mickey Mouse tie: vintage (aka mom's closet haha)

THE SLUT (aka the girls who wear tight clothing from hollister and A&F)

jacket: gift (used because it resembles an A&F sweater)
top: Wet Seal 
jeans: Urban Planet (really crappy, cheap store where i got the jeans for 10 bucks)
heels (hard to see): JCPenny
bag: gift

THAT GIRL (i had no idea what sterotype this could be)

shirt: Urban Outfitters
belt: Target
dress: PacSun
skirt (underneath): Forever 21
tights: American Apparel
oxfords: Macy's
bag: vintage (mom's)
parasol: vintage (mom's friend gave to her)

Well, this was interesting/fun/strange/cool to do. Lots of outfits for you to (hopefully!) like. Also, today I got a trim and dyed my hair. Lookee here!
So now my hair is darker and has a reddish tone. Ya, the pic is crap but I'm not taking another one. Also, instead of my usual wavy hair that gets blowed dried, I asked the stylist to straighten it cuz whenever I do it, it's crap. So this is a nice change. It looks better wavy but it's nice to know what it looks like REALLY straight.

Post you later


so, when I bought my VFest tickets, they didn't have any small bands or anything yet, just the headliners of Foo Fighters and Oasis. So I obviously choose Oasis (cuz the Foo Fighters are VERY annoying). So then I start to see that since Oasis is the much better headliner, that the Foos get all the good openers: The Fratellis, Wintersleep, Constantines AND MGMT. But Oasis had Paul Weller and the Cribs so I was happy. UNTIL THE CRIBS BACKED OUT. I have no idea why they did this but now I AM REALLY ANGRY. GRRRRR... teaches me to buy tickets early.


Jazzy Stardust said...

hahah nice post XD
your hair looks interesting straight :O Almost as interesting as MINE straight (ewww.) :O (NOT REALLY)

celeste said...

nice post!
i love that book "pretty little liars".

Squishybubble said...

Cuuuute outfits! Annnnd...that sucks about the Cribs....gasp! You still get to see Oasis though! :)

yoncto said...

your hair looks nice!
the stereotypes are funny and really well done. prepsters dress a bit more boring than that though ;]
oooh, the story
i said it, didn't i?
ahh well, i was bored so i went downtown and saw suvy after not seeing him for about a month, and he was really like all over me and i didn't mind it much so i was kinda all over him back....
then we ended making out for like an hour at the subway station... turns out he never actually did forget about me, he liked me a fair amount, and ditto me to him. like, we liked other people a bit too but still thought about each other. uk?
then some other really really weird but awesome stuff happened the next day while i was wasted out of my mind...yeah haha.
okay, long and not so exciting. i am such a loser idk why people like follow this stuff lol.. sometimes i seem to myself like i'd be a TV character in other people's eyes. my life certainly acts like that, haha.
so there's the story.
btways i should read your blog more often it has a fairly large amount of awesomeness in it =D

1234 said...

ohh i like your hair straight! it makes me miss my longer hair...and no im fine, i just had a yearly physical thats all. but thanks for the concern!and the stereotypes were sweet, i liked 'that girl' best.

Tinkerbell and fairies said...

Thanks for posting on my blog!
wow, Your pictures are sweet! And your style is unique and cute!

1234 said...

im at the u of a...but shhh dont tell anyone ;)

amy said...