Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Guys, I'm sorry that I've not done a post yet, especially since school is drawing nearer. BUT I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE by this sunday, a new fashion post will be up.

Anywhoo, today is probably the greatest night of my life. Or one of the greatest.

Did I receive my first kiss? noooooooo(needs to happen soon dang it!!)

Did I get my first boyfriend?noooooooooooooooo(also needs to happen SOON)

Did I get a part in a Narnia movie so I can finally meet the guy of my dreams, Mr. Skandar Keynes? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (I wish)

I just got the first goal of my entire rep soccer career. As most of my friends hardly play any sports, THIS IS A BIG DEAL. A MAJOR DEAL. LIKE THIS IS WHY I TELL THE WHOLE BLOG WORLD DEAL BECAUSE IT'S SO BIG.

Since I play stopper (aka DEFENCE) to get a goal IS BIG. I can give you the break down here but it's pretty boring. Actually this whole post is boring so WHATEVER.

Ball bounces towards me. No one beside me. I run, line up my foot and kick it. Hard. It soars high into the air. So high you can't judge where it will land. The goalie has her hands in the air, ready to catch after the ball bounces. Ball bounces, goalie jumps, misses ball, ball into net. Here's where I scream the phrase: OMIGOD, I JUST SCORED!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

ya, that was the shindig. I was already feeling like crap since I gave a penalty kick last game. THIS MADE UP FOR IT.

ok, I'll shut up. I'll have a post REAL SOON, I PROMISE.

Later (still on my goal high)