Monday, June 30, 2008

A Last Post (Possibly)

O shucks, it seems that no one wants to read this blog! (man o man, am i that bad???) So, this maybe my last post. What is the point if no one reads this?

So, for this (probably) last post, I will post the lyrics that I sang in the span of 5 minutes and can write down now. One of my favourite artists right now is Feist so when I was kind of singing this impromptu song, I was kind of going with a Feist feel. I think it's a song sorta similar to her style but care to critique if you must. What is this about? Up to your own interpretation, I will only post what I was singing about if I get some comments from people (ya, that way I know people actually read this haha). Also, must be comments from people I don't personally know (ok, you can comment but i'm not going to count them, you know?)

It's titled "Down Around"

Down down around
Down down around
Down down around

In my backyard
We will try and see
The world with new eyes
Now we'll travel inside
A place we've created

I've dreamed of a place that I didn't know of
But now I have it, I'll learn to love

Down down around
Down down around
Down down around

Red red
Goes my head
Underneath the bed
We'll fall into the land
Come, let's take a gander
Will you meet me Skandar
Let's go and wander
Into the unknown

Falling in circles
Under the stars
I didn't realize
How far
We came
and saw
the world we know
call home

Down down around
Down down around
Down down around

Down down around
Down down around
Down down around

This is the place that
We created

© Monty (this is not my real name but I'm not gonna write it down so I'll just use the initials NTB as well)

This is the last post, unless you don't want it to be! So, if you think this is a blog worth having, then comment! If you don't like it and mock it but still want it there to be mocked, comment! If you have no clue who I am, comment! haha ok, maybe not but if you want this blog to exist, do whatever, but I'm fine either way!

Signing out (for good??)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


haha, sry that I have been away for awhile, thought people could post more (and they did, up to 4 now peoples!)

OK, so right now I just graduated gr.8 (yes, very sad indeed) and yesterday night, we had our grad party/dance/dinner. So why would I rant about this? Grad is supposed to be a time full of fun and laughs and tears and LOTS MORE! Well, right now I will talk about the DJ and well more importantly the MUSIC. AND MY QUESTION IS...

Why do DJs think rap is a good genre to dance too???

OK, I'm not a huge fan of rap, I like the occasional song and all but really, it's at the bottom of my list. But there are lots of people who do like rap, and what I don't get is how you dance to it? Ya there are some songs that I don't really like but AT LEAST there is a beat you can dance to (example: Whine Up) but stuff by Lil' Wayne and by Flo Rida, seriously, the ONLY way you can dance is by looking like a whore (i.e. you gyrate your butt and do this in front of a guy or with a bunch of girls in a line). HONESTLY, I know some of my favourite music is hard to dance and stuff but can't they play Daft Punk or Ok Go or possibly the Fray for slow songs? DOES IT ALL NEED TO BE OF THE RAP/R&B GENRE???

seriously! I AM IN NEED OF A MUSICAL REVOLUTION FOR DANCES (haha, reference to Esthero!).

anyone care to elaborate

Good Night y'all

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Band of the Week!

Well, it's been another day of blogging again with comments (still 2!) but I will persevere.

So, for this post I decided to do a Band of the Week thing where I just highlight one of my favourite bands of the moment and talk about why there music is so damn cool and why people should take a listen.

Today's Band: The Ting Tings!

Lately, I've been becoming more and more of a fan of UK bands (possibly because of my Scot friends or that they just make really cool music) and one of those bands are the Ting Tings. Now, I bet you think I started to notice them because of that Apple commercial (with Shut Up and Let Me Go) but actually I started to notice them when I started to watch the web series, Sofia's Diary (get a Bebo account to see the episodes!)

Now, personally when I heard they were kind of techno, I really thought I would hate them since most techno to me is pretty boring but I gave it a chance and realized these guys were awesome! Formed by Jules De Martino and Katie White, these guys produced loud, in your face, dancing music with in the cheek lyrics that make you want to sing (or shout) along. Right now, my fave song is That's Not My Name (partly because so many people get that wrong with me and I know there name. Morons).

If you haven't checked out this band, go to their Myspace (at and take a listen to their album, We Started Nothing (which I find ironic since they started a huge craze for dance-pop-techno).

Hopefully with more comments I can post some lyrics which took me a full 5 minutes to sing and possibly 15 minutes to write down so if you want to see them, comment please!

Tune in soon,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Comments and Concerts!

Well, thanks to all those who commented (ahem, it was 2) but even with the low number, it's getting my spirit up in a way.

Ok, this blog is going to be about some of the concerts I've been to and you can start to see the kind of music I'm liking and how my style can be similar when I start to post my lyrics and possibly some performances on my webcam.

Since it will take forever for me to blog about every concert I've been to right now, I'll just do my first and second. My first concert was an Avril Lavigne. BUT before you decide to leave, I now think her music is pretentious and that she has become which she used to mock before. Anyways, the seats were ok and the band before her was all right. She came out, performed songs, played the drums and piano and that was it. All in all, not the greatest concert but a good one for a starter, you know, with all the screaming fans and stuff.

Fast forward a couple years later and you have me, in gr.7 trying to explore the newer and different genres, away from the Top 40 crowd and stuff, where I decided to get tickets to a newish band called Marianas Trench. Different crowd and different venue was a nice change from my old self and they were very amped and pretty cool to the crowd. This is where I also got my first glance at Faber Drive, who are kind of like a pop rock sorta thing. Not super great or anything but not bad on the radio (as compared to Hannah Montana, ugh).

So, as you can see I am making a move from pop music into different sub genres of rock and indie type of stuff. And this ends my post

Keep on truckin'

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hello Blog World! Meet Me, Monty!

Hello, if you can't tell I am going to be a really bad blogger. Expect me to have spelling errors and random thoughts and loads of other stuff but honestly, if nobody visits (except moi!) all will be lost of course!

So, the point of the blog. Well, I am an inspiring artist (how many times have you heard that phrase?) in lots of areas but mostly music. I get lots of weird ideas in my head and sometimes with luck they are able to be formed into words and with a tune, into lyrics. So, I am trying to become an artist. I know there are other ways to become one like with drama (which I also try to do, with some success I think) or fashion (please check out meet the freak's blog if you haven't because she is my absolute friend and her style is impeccable) but to me, music can be a calling so that's what I'm here to do.

So, here, I'll write down lots of lyrics, talk about my favourite bands and concerts and possibly, show you a video of me singing (I've heard it's good but honestly I do like 500 takes of 1 song cause I feel I am off key).

I think that's what it is now
Saskatoon, Monty! (haha, I never write down stuff like Love or Peace but since I have "Home" by City and Colour in my head right now and he mentions Saskatoon, I decided to write it down!)