Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School Special (with Sports!)

Hi there! So, besides watching the Beijing '08 24/7, this Saturday I went to the States for some BTS (back to school) shopping (which kinda sucked since I had to miss Phelps' last race...argh). So I actually got lots of stuff that I much that my room is a pig sty now. Really it's almost impossible to get to my closet. Observe.

Ya, ugly, messy, horrible. Will do something about it...later. So, besides getting things like pens, calendar and locker stuff, I HAD to get new clothes (it's high school!!!). So I went to places like Macy's, Forever 21, PacSun and Urban Outfitters (though I didn't get clothes from there)

So, I remember Sam from the Wandering Alchemist talking about how sometimes there are clothes that are just made for you and I was like "ya but I CAN'T FIND THEM!!" Until now!! I saw this skirt from F21 and i chose the 2 sizes (it differs) I generally fit in when i saw the dress. It's like a Mondrian piece. And it fit just right and I believe it was like 25 dollars!  I was SO FRIGGIN HAPPY. I already had an outfit in my head so here it is! 
NB (*=bought on this trip)

dress*-Forever 21
belt*-Target (got that skinny and wide belt I wanted)
tights- American Apparel (finally used a different colour from the green)
oxfords*-Macy's (not the Mary Janes but still very cool)

vest*= Macy's (got it half off!)
shirt= mom bought (forget where)
jeans*=PacSun (yay! bright red! though there were some coloured shorts I saw but none in my size)

So even though I didn't buy any clothing from Urban Outfitters, I did buy some bright yellow nail polish! Very nice. May buy more of that nail polish when I go downtown this Wednesday (before soccer).

Also happy to announce Canada has FINALLY got medals. I seriously thought we were never gonna get any but look at us now! Yay! Hopefully we can get some gold when it comes to Vancouver (we've NEVER EVER won gold when the Olympics came to Calgary and Montreal. It's so sad). Also pissed off at the judges giving Nastia silver when she tied with the Chinese girl (who's probably underage). They should have done a tie breaker. ALSO, did anyone see Liu Xiang walk off the track??? SO SAD! I wanted to give him a big hug. I also read that they had a press conference and that his coach cried multiple times and said he's struggled with that tendon for years. What a tragedy. 

Ya, maybe should make this more Olympian??? haha, no that would make this blog lamer than it already is but maybe should do more sports inspired outfit??? No, somehow I'm thinking I would screw it up majorly and resemble this girl...ok, NOT THAT BAD but somehow thinking it won't be good (ok, does ANYONE think she looks beautiful?? honestly, why???)

wow, very long.



Anonymous said...

Oh GAWD, I didn't click the link, but I think I have an idea of who it is *shudders*

Squishybubble said...

Cuuuute clothes! I am jealous of the dress! Must go to f21 NOWW!!!

Cait said...

my room is a mess too..if it makes you feel any better. Cool outfits. Like the dress..and the vest. cool.

thank you for reading and commenting.

Richel said...

I like the dress from forever. a lot.

Tavi said...

Love the first dress!

Sugar Pop said...

WHAT THE FUCK. why do you look cooler than me.

I got ORANGE TIGHTS. and these bluish red ones. And I THOUGHT i got yellow ones, but they were LEGGINGS. WHAT THE FUCK?

But, I got a cute skirt from H&M for free cause my cousin happy :(

No Mondrian dress, but I'LL MAKE A COOLER ONE.

Screw you and your luck.

1234 said...

ahh i want the mondrian dress. how long ago did you get it? because i realllly like it so much. it looks so good on you.

1234 said...

ps want to link up?

yiqin; said...

I love the dress! Esp wit the tights! :) Ah now is exam period for me & my whole room is full of notes! Ah I cant believe they gave Nastia a silver either. She deserved a gold :( & yes! The audience was crying wit him as well :( Damn sad. You trained 4 years & cannot take part!!! Like, 4 years is a long long time! :/

Ah yes, they said filming sex scenes are awkward. Ah heck, in my mind, Leo & Kate r married for years & have kids already. I don't care!

Romeika said...

The first dress rules.

nv said...

your oxfords are so cute!

Soul Tanggg said...

that dress is from F21???

too good to be true.
very vintage YSL.

good find.

Anonymous said...