Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hey peoples!

OK, so I KNOW I would put up concert photos here, UNFORTUNATELY, do to my crap seat (3rd level!) and that they took away our Nikon D60, my cell was the only thing to use as my camera and it wasn't very good, so I can't put photos up (VERY VERY SORRY!!). Well, the concert was SO FRIGGIN' AMAZING. The whole crowd was just kinda waiting for Coldplay to get on the stage (i think it was like a bit after 9 before they came on and we thought it was gonna start earlier...) but once they started to play "Life In Technicolour" EVERYBODY WENT CRAZY. Like everybody screaming at once and all of us just waiting for the sheer black curtains to come up, it was insane!!!!!!! So, I COULD give you guys a recap on EVERY song they played but a) you would probably start to hate the post cuz it would be too long and b) i can't remember the complete order they played in. Instead, here's a list of songs (only the first 3 songs and the last song are in the right order) they played.
Life In Technicolor
Violet Hill

Viva La Vida
The Scientist
In My Place
Fix You



Strawberry Swing
Lovers In Japan/Reign of Love
Speed of Sound

Death Will Never Conquer
Death and All His Friends (my favourite track!!!)

and a few others I can't quite remember...

It was so cool with Chris dancing all around the stage, Jonny playing his guitar hard, Will murdering the drums (in a good way of course) and Guy just calmly doing his bass thing. And they kept moving! One part they went to this little lighted stage and performed a few songs there and then randomly they went up to one of the stair entrances and sang "The Scientist" and then had Will sing a song because tomorrow was his first birthday of his 30s (which means it's today!). I of course got the expensive merchandise (bag and t-shirt) and I kept hopping up and down because of the concert buzz.

BUT there was one thing that ruined the night! When Santogold (the opening act) was playing, these 2 random older people with Coldplay All Access passes went to our section and the people BEHIND me, got front row tickets!!! I WAS SO PISSED THAT THE 2 SQUEALY GIRLS GOT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO, here are 2 tips if you EVER want to be in that position (it's a long shot but these tips I believe will help you!)
1. Buy a shirt (yes, the shirt is actually useful!) and then immediately wear it (this is what I didn't do...)
2. Go with friends or family who looks young (i.e a sibling or cousin) not your parents (i went with my mom)

BECAUSE they want screaming kids who want to fling themselves on the stage at the front, NOT me and my mom who basically hates all kinds of music (ok, not hate just doesn't like) and is most likely to sleep (I love you mom but seriously, STOP SLEEPING!) during the concert.
With the binoculars (well, we knew our seats sucked so we brought them to get better looks at the guys faces) i think i saw a larger group (all wearing T-shirts and no parents in site) also get front row tickets (pretty sure same people gave it to them!). I was pretty upset. So I vowed that if I ever got big or worked with someone big (most likely 2nd option) that I would put kids with their parents in the front because I know what it feels like to have to bring your parent because friends can't come .
Well, thank you for the comments!

Tomorrow is most likely going to be the first fashion post!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Changing It Up!

Hey there!

OK, so thanks for the comments! I'll probably try doing some more videos later, maybe with some original composition and instrument playing (we'll see...). So, hating to brag (well, sorta lol) but this Wednesday I'm seeing Coldplay live! WOO HOO! I have very HIGH standards for this concert (since it sold out SO fast!1 minute people!) so hopefully they won't disappoint (they just did Vancouver's first Pemberton Festival!). I'll probably do a post on what songs they did and shit and take photos and post them up here.

Anyways, since it's getting VERY close to the opening of school (one more month peoples!), I decided to do some new blog posts of a different variation. So for the whole month of August, I'll do fashion posts. Ya, it's kinda weird but I think a) it'll be a little easier for me to do them while I think of new music posts and b) I have some cool stuff and my friend wants me to post pictures of my latest DIY onto here, so this would be easier to tie it in with. Also, maybe people will see this more...haha, SURE THEY WILL. But I love everyone who already reads this craptastic blog!

Well, right now I'm gonna prepare for soccer (GO STRIKERS! I play defence!) and then later this week it will be the Coldplay and first fashion post of August!

Living My Vida, Monty!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


o god, I really can't believe I'm doing this BUT I AM!
ya, here is a vid of me singing
seriously, WHY DID I DO THIS??? I can just imagine everybody laughing at this thinking I can sing. I like to think of myself as somewhat fearless (um, roller coasters are basically my life) but even simple things like just talking to a guy, just make me go into that shell (what a nice shell it is though!) But decided got to do something cool on this blog, you know?

I think I recorded this like 3 times and even then it's not perfect (at the bridge kinda area, you get this kinda weird feedback cuz I sang too loud. sry!) But it had the least amount of mistakes/off-keys (I'm REALLY hard on myself, cuz that's the only way I hear it), so I decided to use it.

Me singing Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" (chose this song since it's pretty easy to follow and has a good karaoke version, plus I like the lyrics)

Let me know what you think and post comments ( O, I forgot to thank the people who commented on the last countdown! While some comments were strange, it means a lot with the support! Almost broke into the double digits, haha)

Monty-Onty-Out (um, try to do a Scooby Dooby Do! kinda thing, actually this is quite a lame interpretation)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tagged (first time!)

wow, so I just got tagged (um, by a close friend, so i don't really count it). Anyways, here are the rules:
pass the "award" around and tag 7 blogs around

sounds easy enough, I guess. Ok, well I'm gonna do less than 7 since I'm kinda cheap (and don't feel like annoying many bloggers) so I'll tag Jazzer from Nevermind the Bollocks, Here's the Jazzer, Yoncto at Yonctopus Is the Bomb, Chelsea Dagger at Ok, Go! and Gaby at ZebraSpots.

Sry for not doing posts in awhile! But my next blog is probably gonna be a video (gasp!) of me singing. Hopefully it'll sound good and stuff cuz i really don't want to sing the song for more than 5 times (but I'll do it to the small minority of people who read this!)

I guess that is all
Monty out!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Top 5 Most Annoying Teeny Boppers

hey peoples! Right now I'm on vacation (will do a post about that later) and using my mother's computer for this post. So, some time ago, the Jonas Bros. came to Toronto and unfortunately, I know people who saw them and of course were ECSTATIC about it. So, I decided to do a post counting down the Disney singers/stars that bother me the most. Here we go!

5. Demi Lovato

So, while she hasn't turned into the mega teen celeb Miley Cyrus (more on her later), Demi is just a self-titled debut CD away from it. Argh, really, her character from Camp Rock was so annoying (how generic good girl of her to stand up for herself and shit) and getting the guy in the end? How surprising! But this girl scares me because her voice is so whiny and when she was "performing" during the movie, it scared the shit out of me. Her mouth was just too open and then she kept flailing her arms around, it was not a pretty sight. Just wait for her to rise through the charts and to hear her voice over and over on the radio

4. The Cast of High School Musical

Ok, Corbin has to stop "pushing it" and Ashley needs to learn that no one cares what he or she says because all of these songs are making me INSANE. It's one thing to say that you are going to do a CD because you were a part of HSM but I hate it so much when they are all "I'm going for an R&B kinda thing" or "It's gonna be so edgy". IT'S ALL BUBBLE GUM POP! THAT'S IT! I'm waiting for them to get their heads in the game and realize that they have to look at other career options once HSM 3 is out.

3. Jonas Brothers

Can someone tell me what's so great about them? Is it the fact that Kevin is waiting to come out of the closet (does anybody think he's gay also??)? Or that all of them need a haircut (eww, Kevin's sideburns)? Does anybody understand what makes all girls go crazy over them, they're just guys who look like they haven't hit puberty (and Nick is 2 years older than me) and who's songs are mediocre. I just wished that they're promise rings stood for them promising to stop making music.

2. Miley Cyrus

ha, bet you thought that the reigning teen queen would be topping this list but I have someone more annoying than her (how can that be?!). Look, even though I can't STAND her music, I can understand why she gets so much money. Here's a basic breakdown.

1. First, she gets money from sales of the 1st Hannah Montana CD and good ratings from her show.
2. More money from DVD sales of episodes plus ratings increasing in Season 2 boost her earnings. O and she realeases 2 CDS so that she gets double the cash.
3. Concerts, movie about the concerts and a DVD also help along with merchandise from TV show and concerts.

SEE?! LOOK AT ALL THE PLACES SHE CAN GET MONEY FROM! It sucks to see a girl who releases such uninspired music earn SO MUCH CASH! Really, I never want to see her again.

And the number one most annoying teeny bopper in 3...


1. Hilary Duff

While I find Miley more irritating than Ms. Duff (because she's more current), I can't forget the years I spent covering my ears to Hil's music. She is the original teen queen (and Miley's idol!) and basically started the whole trend of Disney actresses going into the music business. First with Lizzie Macguire then doing the movie then releasing her CDs, all of that just really really bugged me. When I heard her singles on the TV they all sounded so robotic and synthesized. While the ones above are probably more of an annoyance now, it's because of Hilary's actions that so many are walking the same pack, which makes her number 1.

That's my countdown and I'm out!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Band of the Week: Edition 2!

Hey there
Decided to do another edition of "Band of the Week"
Hopefully you can also start to listen to them since they're pretty good (well, I think they're good)

Band of the Week: Digitalism

So, I live in Canada. And just as many people see videos on youtube and other web video sites, I see some of mine on (it's basically a Canadian MTV, even though we do have a Canadian MTV). So they placed advertisements before the videos and one was from Virgin Mobile. And they kept playing this song over and over. I do a little research and find my Band of the Week. Here is the ad.

I learned that the song was called "Pogo" (it does not relate to the corn dogs that make me sick) and it is seriously awesome. Another techno-esque band, I really love the sound they produce. It's very slick and cool and I find that once again, this should be played at parties and not rap (see Rant Time for the whole thing). Also, as a cool note, I found out about this band before the people at MuchMusic (ok, for future reference, MuchMusic when on TV is very Top 40 BUT their blog, found at the website, is different and is always looking for different sounds, such as this band, so I thought it was cool that I beat them to it, since they usually beat me)

Well, that is the end of that edition.
Keep posting comments since I really love hearing what you have to say (plus, it looks like I have people visiting this site. haha)


Saturday, July 5, 2008


ok, for some very weird reason, people actually thought this blog was cool (ok, semi-cool) and that I should continue. So I am and I will start off with a countdown.
5 Bands/Singers I Would Like To See In Concert

5. Jack's MannequinSo, back in the day, I used to watch One Tree Hill and heard this song on the show. Go on the net, research a bit and bang! I find out about this band. With Andrew McMahon's voice and the soulful lyrics plus some cool piano playing, seeing them would definitely be a lighter up in the air experience (or as seen in their Mixed Tape vid, a cellphone in the air experience).

4. Radiohead Ok, so I'm not the biggest Radiohead fan but I have to love their musicality. While the lyrics are nonsense (hey, I'm not being mean, even Thom Yorke stated that ALL his lyrics were nonsense so I'm just using his words!) the drums, the guitars, everything makes you feel so many different things. Just being in concert would be a rush of emotions which would only make that night completely spectacular!

3. Kate Nash Kate Nash reminds me of myself in a bad mood. Which is to say, don't get in her way or else your idiocy is gonna turn into a smash hit (well, the smash hit part is different, for her it means a good song, to me it means that I'm gonna kick you) She talks about failed relationships and mundane objects but it all seems to come together in the end. I can imagine at her concerts, all the inspiration she would bring to myself since she talks about things we can all relate to.

2. The Ting Tings I've already talked about how much I love the Ting Tings, so it's only right that I want to go to their concert. This is actually a concert full of music that would make everybody dance or move or sing along. It just has that right beat and that tune which is only satisfied by doing something. Unfortunately, their concert here was for the 19+ crowd which meant that I couldn't go see them. 'Tis a shame. And the number 1 group I loved to see in concert...

1. Roisin Murphy
Here is a person who is completely unique. From her style to her lyrics and to the the genre she produces, Roisin is a lady that knows what she is and embraces it. I want to see her concerts because they just seem that they would be full of unexpected stuff and that makes her concerts truly her own.

Well, there is my countdown
I'll post other stuff soon