Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dumb Me. Sorry

Hey y'all

So this is a big filler. Well, it won't be big (as in long) just a filler cuz I'm still kinda sick and I really want to do a music kind of video so I need to wait longer till my voice will be good as new.

Sorry for not commenting, doing posts or anything in general. I've been super busy with my school and stuff so I haven't had a load of time for the blog or anything. 

New things that have happened:

-my team won our soccer league. yay! but for some dumb rule, we hav to play against the other league winners to see who moves up to the Premiere League

-I'm on the field hockey team. Me and my friend Misia (pronounced mee-sha like Mischa Barton) are the only gr. 9s

-uh, i kinda met a guy. we kinda argue about a lot of things but it's not that big of a deal. but i'm betting everybody nothing will ever happen. i think i hav some guy shield or something that lets them be my friends but nothing more.

-going to the Stratford Festival. Stratford is a place in Ontario that holds this play festival for 2 0r 3 days and they usually do Shakespeare stuff. My whole program (I'm in this special math and science program) will be going

Well, that's all. Hopefully my voice will be better by Friday. But you never know.


Monday, September 8, 2008

No Longer a Virgin to Virgin Festival

Hey y'all, this is a just a quick post because I HAVE to pack today for my trip to Pinecrest tomorrow (4 days!)!

Anyways, this Sunday I went to Vfest and it was pretty awesome. Here's some highlights and the MAJOR lowlight of the whole day.

-free stuff. seriously, they LOVE to give u free stuff, whether for Future Shop, candy, Subway gift cards, bags, they give it out. I now have a nice bag of loot (in a nice bag from Motorola haha)

-discovering new bands. So, I definitely found out about new bands that I didn't know about (the Weakerthans, Silversun Pickups and now I really should listen to the Stereophonics I put on my iPod) but the definite best band I now know about was Paper Lions. I listened to their set because I thought the name was cool and sounded like me (if u go to muchmusic's blog, one girl said the exact same thing haha), so my cousin and I went to the centre and the front of the stage (hardly anybody was their at first) and the music was fun, moving, energetic. Plus they LOVED to talk to the crowd. It's nice when they do that so people can connect with the band. Also got their autographs AND 2 of the members photo with us. yays!

-the crowd. This was the BIGGEST concert/festival I've been to with over 25 000. INSANE. People came from ALL OVER (1 guy came from S. Carolina) just to see bands (specifically Oasis, more on that later). I kinda hated the pot smoking and the crowd surfers but that was the first time I've been to a venue with them so it was pretty cool (not that I did any of those things, just interesting to experience it). I find that while I hate standing and all, the crowd does pump you and motivate you and make you laugh (so many jokes now!! haha) Pretty awesome.

and for the one LOWLIGHT:


ya, I KNOW. I LOVE OASIS. Cool music and the lyrics, it all works. And they did do their job, but here's why it's the lowlight.

Ok, so go to about 1:30 and you will see some idiot/moron/bastard ATTACK Noel. Then Liam tries to fight the attacker but the people hold him back (WHY????). Honestly, everybody in the crowd (over 20 000 people!!) was going to kill that guy (we were chanting "fuck that guy up.").
Oasis still played but they definitely weren't happy so the set was cut short (very short) and didn't do an encore (or sing Champagne Supernova!!! But they did sing "The Walrus" SING UR OWN SONG!)

Ya, it was a great festival (even with the moron) and I'm probably gonna come back again and again just to hear more music. BUT at least I know some pretty good tips (like to get in as much sitting time as possible!) so I'll be prepared.

So, when I get back, because of this whole festival thing and me going to see Feist in November (gasp! ANOTHER concert.), I'm gonna do outfits with every concert wear (mostly tees) I have. Sound cool?? Also, since my cousin had a better camera, I'll post pics from the festival next post too!

Maybe you've got to save me

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can I Take Your Order?

dress: vintage
guitar belt: gift to sister but she gave to me
shoes: Macy's

Hey there!! Firstly, I am super sorry that I haven't posted in so long. High school is INSANE (in a good way of course). And then soccer last night made me SO tired (we won and are REALLY close to winning the league) so that's why I haven't made comments on some people's blog (like ellie's!!!i hav to read SO many posts this weekend).  

Anywhoo, last Saturday I went to Kensington Market (best vintage area for Torontonians!) and first of all, I know that vintage shops get that musky kind of smell and sometimes it gets a little strong but I don't mind but there was one store that smelled like a really bad restroom. But this little dress was in a nice store with no smell and I was quite happy about that haha. It really has this diner feel to it and I love the colour (it looks pretty bold against my skin tone so I think that works haha). But there was one area that looked bulgy (stupid unflat stomach) so I just added the belt and voila! Problem solved.

So, since my school is quite awesome (and so is the program that I'm in), I am going on 3 trips in the span of 4 weeks. Seriously. I AM SO FRIGGIN HAPPY! 

Missing school + hanging out with really interesting people + doing really cool activities= SUPREME UTTERLY FANTASTIC FEELING!!!

Sorry, I HAD to say that. But anyways, this means that I won't have a post up so soon! I know, just egg my house already (must do that to someone soon...hey I'm not ALWAYS nice, I LOVE revenge). But I will try to do my best and hopefully can do a post on VFest (with pics!). 

Order up!