Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dumb Me. Sorry

Hey y'all

So this is a big filler. Well, it won't be big (as in long) just a filler cuz I'm still kinda sick and I really want to do a music kind of video so I need to wait longer till my voice will be good as new.

Sorry for not commenting, doing posts or anything in general. I've been super busy with my school and stuff so I haven't had a load of time for the blog or anything. 

New things that have happened:

-my team won our soccer league. yay! but for some dumb rule, we hav to play against the other league winners to see who moves up to the Premiere League

-I'm on the field hockey team. Me and my friend Misia (pronounced mee-sha like Mischa Barton) are the only gr. 9s

-uh, i kinda met a guy. we kinda argue about a lot of things but it's not that big of a deal. but i'm betting everybody nothing will ever happen. i think i hav some guy shield or something that lets them be my friends but nothing more.

-going to the Stratford Festival. Stratford is a place in Ontario that holds this play festival for 2 0r 3 days and they usually do Shakespeare stuff. My whole program (I'm in this special math and science program) will be going

Well, that's all. Hopefully my voice will be better by Friday. But you never know.